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General information

The Graduate Programs have become an extremely important component in the UFLA´s educational and research structure, with emphasis on Post-Graduate, currently totaling 20 programs at the masters and 18 doctoral. With a 36 year experience in postgraduate degrees, UFLA is proud to have significantly inserted its scientific production at the national and international levels. UFLA’s graduate programs have developed a structured management policy which include mechanisms to encourage qualified scientific production by fostering the construction and dissemination of scientific knowledge, nationally and internationally.

Site: http://www.prpg.ufla.br (Portuguese) Phone: +55.35.3829.1126 E-mail: prpg@prpg.ufla.br


UFLA has currently 65 research groups that develop around 350 lines of research that compose the individual projects and special program.

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The establishment, consolidation and expansion of the Post Graduate, for the purpose of this site occurred in two stages that have marked the history of ESAL/UFLA Read More


UFLA provides a total of 13 courses are offered at the undergraduate level, with more than 3,000 students. Read More