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General information

The International Office is subordinated to the University President’s Office and is in charge of international affairs UFLA is interested in. Its main purposes are:

  • To coordinate the cooperation in international initiatives for the Institution in the aspect of teaching, research, extension, administration and training of human resources
  • Coordinate and promote the actions of the university, along with Teaching, Research and Extension Institutions from foreign governments and non-governmental, sectors that represent universities, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and others
  • Advise the President, Deans and other branches of the University on matters of relationships with the international mechanisms and their agents
  • Negotiate, maintain and evaluate the performance of covenants agreements for cooperation of international institutions
  • Diagnose cooperation institutions overseas, its operating mechanisms and forms of access
  • Advise UFLA’s Board on matters of visiting foreign staff, as well as the departure of staff from the institution for institutional activities such as abroad visits, courses, meetings or similar
  • Identify and inform of opportunities abroad for the university community, promoting events, courses, internships and similar of the same interest
  • Organize lab, layout and staff to Foreign Language Courses to prepare people from UFLA’s community that are interested
  • Participate in discussion forums at the national level, having as its theme the promotion of international cooperation

For more information, contact +55 35 3829-1858, dri@dri.ufla.br


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