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General information

UFLA was able to write its history over time in the strategic area of Agricultural Sciences, exercising with excellence its social role in teaching, research and extension. As of 1997, it has started to diversify its operations with new courses in Engineering, Computer Sciences and Health. In 2003, with the offering of the first teaching courses, it took center stage in the important social role of teacher training for basic education. The year 2010 marked the definitive insertion of UFLA in the area of Applied Social and Human Sciences, with the introduction of courses in Law, Philosophy and Creative Writing.

UFLA’s performance has been excellent in all items of assessment. In 2009, the institution came in 5th place among the public and private universities throughout Brazil, being the 2nd best in the state of Minas Gerais, according to the General Index of Courses of the institutions (IGC), released by the country’s Education Ministry (MEC / INEP).

Since 2003, the curricula are flexible and the most diverse activities undertaken by students, such as courses, conferences, basic scientific research, teaching and extension, as well as elective courses, are part of the curricula of all courses. In 2009, we adopted a curriculum aimed at developing humanistic and citizen education, as well as vocational training. There is also a new dynamic in the teaching-learning area with the use of cutting edge virtual learning environments, such as interactive digital whiteboards in comfortable classrooms.

Site: http://www.prg.ufla.br (Portuguese)

Phone: +55.35.3829.1113/1114

E-mail: prg@prg.ufla.br


UFLA has currently 65 research groups that develop around 350 lines of research that compose the individual projects and special program.

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