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Strongly involved in research activities, UFLA has significantly contributed to provide advances in scientific knowledge, as well as development of new technologies and processes in strategic areas for the development of Brazil.

The competence in this area is mainly due to a highly qualified faculty and research team committed with scientific, technologic and innovation activities and human resources development. This can be assured by the Institution’s capacity to obtain funds from several development agencies to be applied in science, technology and innovation.

In recent years, an expansion of research in the areas of Exact and Earth Sciences, Life Sciences, Engineering, Health Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Applied Social Sciences, Humanities, Linguistics, Literature and Arts, with direct benefits to society has been observed. UFLA currently has about 500 researchers who rely on the participation of 1,500 graduate students, 750 undergraduate students undergoing scientific initiation (including 500 students with scholarships granted by Federal, State Institutions and other partners), plus 150 students from public high schools who receive scholarships (called BIC-Jr.) to start their introduction in the science sphere.

International exchange has been fostered through agreements signed with institutions from other countries to conduct research in strategic areas of interest.

UFLA also heavily invests in technological innovation and protection of knowledge and supports new technology-based enterprises. Our NINTEC, Center for Technological Innovation, is the body in charge of developing policies in this area at the university.

The university maintains five scientific journals – Science and Agro-technology, CERNE, Coffee Science, INFOCOMP Journal of Computer Science and Rural Organizations and Agribusiness -, besides the series intitled Academic Texts, Technical Bulletin and Extension Bulletin, published by our University Press.

Site: http://www.prp.ufla.br (Portuguese)

Phone: +55.35.3829.1127

E-mail: prp@prp.ufla.br


UFLA has currently 65 research groups that develop around 350 lines of research that compose the individual projects and special program.

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